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Top 15 popular educational toys for children today

Less is absolutely more when selecting preschool-aged children’s toys and games. The best resources are straightforward, enduring, and open-ended so that youngsters may dream, explore, create, and expand their language and thinking abilities. We’ve compiled 30 of our top preschool educational toys that are sure to keep their tiny hands and minds occupied while learning at home or school.


Some popular educational toys for children today

1.Wooden unit blocks for play that are constructive – Educational toys

For kids, block play has countless advantages. Early childhood essentials include a sizable collection of traditional unit blocks—blocks that are fractions of one another.

Unit Blocks Educational Toys
Unit Blocks Educational Toys


2.Big Brick Block Set – Educational toys

Building tall structures out of sturdy, lightweight cardboard blocks and bringing them down is safe. While there are countless ways to use these fundamental building pieces, one of our favorites is to combine them with a pool noodle hose and a fireman suit. A preschooler is unconquerable against pretend flaming skyscrapers!

Mondo Bloxx 450x300
Mondo Block

3.Green Toys Dump Truck – Educational toys

For both indoor and outdoor play, vehicles are among the greatest educational toys for preschoolers. Options from Green Toys are straightforward and durable in three ways: Take them outside to the sandbox or dirt pile, fill them up for inside play, and then give them a “car wash” in a tub of soapy water. Repetition is key.

Green Toys Dump Truck 400x299
Green Toys Dump Truck


4.The Imagine Generation Wooden Garage for Parking – Educational toys

A larger piece with a ton of play potential is a wooden garage. As they park their automobiles, kids naturally experiment with colors, counting, and sorting. They utilize the manual elevator and roll vehicles down ramps while investigating scientific ideas.

Garage 400x408

5.Brickbox LEGO DUPLO Classic – Educational toys

For preschoolers, DUPLO bricks are the perfect size and degree of intricacy. Children naturally discover fractions, early measuring concepts, and counting while creating.

Duplo 400x399


6.Magna-Tiles – Educational toys

Magna-Tiles are an investment that will keep kids (and the adults who play with them) entertained and challenged for years. There are countless ways to construct horizontally or vertically with these preschool educational toys. A magnetic board, tray, or even a lighted surface like a light table can increase the pleasure.

Magna Tiles 1 400x329
Magna Tiles

7.Skylar Doll House by Pidoko Kids – Educational toys

Another substantial object with great durability and adaptability for pretend play is a dollhouse. Dolls not interest kids? Who says superheroes and dinosaur figurines can’t coexist here?

Dollhouse 400x492


8.Parts and pieces from Mr. Potato Head’s Silly Suitcase – Educational toys

Despite being ridiculous, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head have helped generations of children learn terminology linked to body parts and develop fine motor skills—of course with a delightful dash of preschool creativity. (Why not use four pairs of eyes?)

Mr. Potato Head 400x270
Mr. Potato Head

9.Traditional Puppets – Educational toys

In preschool, puppets may be used for a variety of purposes, including making up tales, keeping kids’ attention, and promoting listening. Many children we know found it much easier to follow instructions when a puppet was doing the demanding! They are also excellent for discussing challenging situations in a somewhat detached, “safe” manner. The finest grade Folkmanis puppets are expensive, and they also include authentic natural characteristics.

Folkmanis Puppets 400x427
Folkmanis Puppets


10.Melissa & Doug Stainless Steel Pots and Pans Play Sets and Food Groups Play Food – Educational toys

Building linguistic and sequencing skills through culinary creations. Plenty of role-playing restaurant play and pretend meals will be supported with sturdy toy food, pots, pans, and utensils. Clean, prepare, cook, then serve!

11.Play Medical Kit – Educational toys
Kids love to pretend they are doctors, treating dolls, plush animals, or even their peers. Many children find it useful in overcoming their concerns of accidents, diseases, or medical procedures like vaccinations.

Doctor Kit 400x296
Doctor Kit


12.Three Bear Family Counters: Preschool Educational Toys

Small figures with evident size and color characteristics encourage play and exploration of sorting and counting. These adaptable teddy bears can also swim in the water table, be crushed into play dough, hide in the sandbox, and dwell in block constructions.

Bear Counters 400x316
Bear Counters

13.Multicolor Scarves

Multicolor Scarves

Colorful scarves are a small item but good for so many things: creative movement and dance, decorating block creations, and creating super-easy costumes like capes, skirts, and head coverings.


14.Scuttlebug Foldable Bike

Scuttlebug Foldable Bike- educational toys for preschool

Preschoolers are built to move. This little bike lets them do it independently and safely—even indoors if you have a hard floor and a bit of space. It easily converts to a fire engine, ambulance, delivery truck, or any other vehicle needed in a pretend-play scenario too.


15.Bean Bags

Bean Bags Best Educational Toys Preschool

Set up an impromptu toss game between peers or into a basket, or have kids balance bean bags on different body parts during songs or yoga poses.

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